Deed Delivery

Deed is a software company specializing in the last mile. We aim to simplify the home delivery process for all parties. Deed removes all the unnecessary hardware used by delivery drivers. Whilst allowing delivery companies to communicate with the end customer in real-time. 

How It Works...

Driver App

Efficiency in the driver seat

  • Route planning

  • Real time communication 

  • Overview of delivery statuses

  • Scanner function

  • Fewer failed deliveries 

  • More efficiency

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User Portal

Transparency in action

  • Sent to every person expecting a package

  • Update delivery method

  • Payment solution

  • Communication with delivery driver

  • More visibility, saving time​

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Our valued Partners


UPS Express Iceland

Deed has worked closely with UPS to perfect our software. Particularly the Driver app and API Systems. UPS is an early adopter of deed systems.


Icelandic Innovation fund

Deed, has been very fortunate to receive support from the Icelandic innovation fund from the beginning. The Icelandic innovation fund has rewarded deed the grant "Sproti" a grant that is rewarded to companies in early stages of development.


Memento Payments

Deed, has been lucky to be able to work closely with memento payments. Memento has been a mentor to Deed as well being instrumental in the development of our software.


Einar is the chief technology officer at deed. Einar has a masters in computer science from imperial college London. As well as a masters in mechanical engineering from University College London. Prior to joining deed Einar was a Software developer at Side Kick Health.

Einar Örn Jónsson


Þorvaldur has a BSc in Economics from the University of Iceland. Prior to joining the Deed team he was a project manager at UPS Iceland. As well as having successfully managed his own Landscaping Business.

Þorvaldur Skúli Skúlason 


Magnus has a BSc in Economics from the university of Iceland. Prior to joining the deed team Magnus worked in investment services at Fossar Markets and managed hotels in Italy and Austria.

Magnús Sigurbjörnsson


Arnar is the CEO and Co founder of memento payments. Arnar has been part of the the Deed team from the very beginning. With expertise in the Fintech industry Arnar is a key team member.

Arnar Jónsson
Mentor and Chairman of the board


Skúli is the chairman and owner of UPS Express in Iceland. As well as having founded multiple companies, he´s been in the logistics and package delivery industry for 20 years.

Elías Skúli Skúlason
Member of the board

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Image by Claudio Schwarz