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Solving stake holder problems, in the package delivery industry

Problems in the last mile

It is estimated that last mile delivery can account for 40-60% of total supply chain costs.

The primary reason for this is bad communication between delivery companies and receivers. Over 70% percent of logistics companies agree that it will be important for them to become part of a logistics information sharing system with last mile logistics estimated to grow by 78% by 2030. 

Deed aims to be the delivery information service for the autonomous world. A one stop shop for online shoppers to mange their deliveries, regardless of who is delivering the package. 

Deed empowers fully automated digital processes in last mile delivery, with a customer centric operational visibilty. One interlinked touchpoint between delivery, merchants and the customer. With seamless end to end customer service automation. 

Deed’s powerfull delivery service process, and intelegent assistance for employees will help companies reach amazons level of logistcal excellence. In terms of operational efficiency and customer experience. 

Image by Ruchindra Gunasekara

Our objective

The root of these problems is inadequate visibility.  We believe that this can be solved with better communication.  Deed strives to be the delivery management service. One interface where the receiver will be able to see what deliveries are on there way to them and manage at what time they can come or if they should be taken somewhere else. 

Deed will empower fully automated digital processes, with customer centric operational visibility. 

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